Children, parents, grandparents, nieces and nephews, siblings and cousins, everyone old and young need to hear the stories of their families, the stories about themselves, what they mean to one another, the different ways that people experience the same moment. Stories hold families together.


Snapshots, family photos, formal portraits tell only half the story. What about the meaning of these moments? The photos in the box, the letters in the attic, the scrapbooks on the shelf, the diary in the drawer, your home movies. All are precious raw materials for your personal memoir, family history, or ethical will.


Let Wisdom Writers weave them together through the spoken and written word so you will never be forgotten.

Your stories and the heritage of your family can be saved on CDs, in simple printed documents, in beautifully bound archival books or on high resolution DVDs.

""Chronological connectivity puts us in touch with ages past and with the eternities. It suggests that we are part of a larger story than our own individual lives, that we are part of a larger picture of those who came before us, of those who follow us in time, of those who care about us. Telling our stories is a way to respect ourselves. Connections with the past and future is a pathway that charms us in the direction of sanity and grace."

From Home From Nowhere
By James Howard Kunstler

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